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Doctor House Calls Built by a Patient for Patients

“UPLIN Health was developed out of my own medical crisis: cancer. The hands-on, care-first approach that I experienced through my successful battle is the root of the UPLIN experience. Any healthcare platform built by a patient for patients has to be unparalleled — and that’s what we’ve been able to create: A professional will answer the phone when you call. No music, no prompts. A trusted, Concierge Primary Care MD will see you for well visits in your home or office on your schedule. A Concierge MD (not a PA or APRN) with 20+ years of experience and a great bedside manner will visit you in your home or office when you’re sick — usually in an hour — 24/7. If your MD orders virtually anything for you — blood draws, X-rays, ultrasounds, IVs, EKGs, physical therapy, … even some Specialists — the providers will come to your home or office! Yes, UPLIN is different — Patients are the Purpose of the Company!”

– John Ricci, CEO, Co-Founder, & Patient #1 of UPLIN Health

"UPLIN... optimizes health care access by putting the patient first."

The Palm beach post

“I was a concierge MD in Manhattan for 8 years before moving to South Florida in 2012. In all of my 20+ years of practicing medicine, I have never been more proud of the work we do on a daily basis through the UPLIN Health program.”

—Alexander Krishtul, MD, CMO & Co-Founder of UPLIN Health

Concierge Medical Services

UPLIN Health’s one-of-a-kind concierge membership program is designed with respect. A professional answers the phone when you call. It takes a few minutes to book a visit and your trusted, experienced MD will knock on your door on your schedule. Almost all of the supporting tests and services (diagnostic, radiological, therapeutic, etc.) that you may need will be delivered to your door for the ultimate in care, convenience, and communication.

UPLIN Primary Care

We are not an Urgent Care Center pretending to be a Concierge MD Primary Practice…

Every Principal Member is assigned a Concierge Primary Care MD who will get to know you and your medical history well; conduct a comprehensive wellness examination including an EKG in your home with preventive medicine in mind; send a phlebotomist to you for draws/labs; and continue to manage your care closely throughout the year.

UPLIN Urgent Care

We don’t ask sick patients to drive to the doctor’s office only to see a nurse…

When you are not feeling well, a top-class MD will knock on your door in an hour or so to examine, diagnose, and treat you in the comfort of your home, office, or other space, 24/7/365/Now! The ultimate “Sick Visit.”

UPLIN Specialist Care

If the UPLIN MD refers you to a Specialist, we will help you book the visit.

If your Concierge Primary Care MD refers you to a Specialist, UPLIN will coordinate your care and that may include a Specialist House Call. Currently, UPLIN-affiliated Specialists include Podiatry, Psychology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, Orthopedics, Chiropractors, and more.

UPLIN Ancillary Care

You should not have to leave home for healthcare.

You can have all of the following ancillary services at home: Phlebotomy, Labs (blood/urine), IVs, EKGs, X-rays, Ultrasounds, Echocardiograms, Genetic Testing, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and more.

UPLIN Health is Peace of Mind.

Featured Primary Care MD

Ira Greg Warshaw, MD

Dr. Warshaw is a board-certified physician who graduated from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and dedicated much of his distinguished professional career to concierge medicine in South Florida. Dr. Warshaw was inspired to join the UPLIN platform based on a Palm Beach Post article highlighting UPLIN’s modern approach to old-fashioned doctor house calls. Dr. Warshaw is a firm believer that best practices include listening carefully to patients’ concerns and treating them with the utmost respect.

Patient Feedback


“UPLIN is the best. Have been using them for a few years now. Their service is impeccable and professional. They even text you the exact time the health care professional will arrive at your home, down to the minute. I cannot recommend them more highly. Just excellent. Kudos to John and his team.”

– Bill W.


“I have used UPLIN for both myself, my child and several of my close family members. The service and expertise of their staff of on call doctors has exceeded our expectations. No matter what time of night…I was always greeted with a knowledgeable and caring representative by phone. The ongoing follow up phone calls by their medical director was an extra touch that we did not expect, however we appreciated that so much as it helped in the recovery. We have and continue to recommend UPLIN to our friends and business associates.”

– Yaniv A.


“This is the best concierge home healthcare available. Called immediately got through two seconds later scheduled and right after that a text of the doctors name and arrival time. The doctor arrived early was so professional and caring explained everything and gave great tips to get well quickly. I am so glad we are in this concierge system it’s a game changer in healthcare.”

– Shereen V.


“The Uplin team provides 5 star service. As a Personal Asst., I have not only requested services for my clients, but have also received services for myself in an emergency. Extremely efficient, answers every call, minimal wait time, and excellent diagnostics. Thank you John, Dr. Alex, and Dr. Lindsey for taking the time to care, listen and follow up.”

– Laurie H.


“Scheduled an appointment with a doctor because of possible ear infection. The doctor showed up on time and what a doctor!! This is the best experience I have had so far in medical services. Unparalleled service, attention to detail and just plain, old fashioned human care and kindness. You just don’t see this anymore.”

– Daniel K.

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