House-Call Doctors: A New Level of Care for Your Family

Moms, you want to care for your family completely. From aging parents to their youngest kids, women often bare the brunt of ensuring the family maintains medical appointments and is on the frontlines if someone gets sick or injured. And with over 70% of America’s moms being working, having to schedule one more medical appointment […]

How Preventive Health and Concierge Medicine are a Winning Combination for Moms

Where balancing family, work, and personal well-being is a perpetual challenge, preventive health takes center stage for moms. Enter concierge medicine — a healthcare model that not only caters to the immediate needs of busy moms but places a significant emphasis on preventive care.  As experienced leaders in the concierge medicine space, we’ll explore why […]

When Every Second Counts: House Doctor Visits in Emergency Situations

Medical emergencies happen. When they do, it’s critical that you have a reliable plan of action to get help. Traditional healthcare facilities like emergency rooms and urgent care centers play a crucial role in the public’s emergency care. However, due to skyrocketing healthcare costs, those spaces are becoming more crowded as people use them for […]

Breaking Down Misunderstandings Around House Doctors: Debunking the Myths

Over the last decade, healthcare services have evolved to accommodate the changing needs of increasingly consumer-first patients. The public has grown tired of booking appointments months in advance only to be seen for 5-10 minutes. Often, they’ve never even seen an MD during their visit, despite booking an appointment with one. This has led to […]

5 Ways Resorts Benefit From Concierge Medical Care

When travelers are looking for a place to stay during their vacations, many choose resorts that offer them a variety of amenities, services, and experiences. They also pick resorts or hotels that will make them and their family feel safe while on vacation. However, even the best planned vacations can experience hiccups. Accidents, illnesses, and […]

Cost Comparison: Breaking Down the Costs of At-Home Doctors Visits vs Emergency Room Trips

There’s a growing trend in healthcare of people getting frustrated with the existing system and opting to visit an emergency room or urgent care for their medical needs instead of going to their general practitioner. While emergency rooms are there for immediate needs, more and more adults are opting to visit for “inappropriate”/non-urgent care.  While the […]

How Concierge Home Health Care Benefits Seniors

Thanks to countless medical advances over the last century, people are living longer, more fulfilling lives. However, as the National Institute of Health (NIH) points out, this requires people to invest more time and resources into their healthcare options as they age. Chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and even falls/injury recovery all […]

Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Medical Check-Ups

Annual check-ups are great to have. Routine visits can lead to better detection and treatment of chronic illnesses, improve vaccinations and screenings for diseases like cancer, and boost how a patient feels overall in their lives. However, not everyone finds them necessary. Here are a few reasons the general public can benefit from those annual […]

How Concierge Medical Care Benefits More than Individuals and Families

When it comes to world-class concierge medical care, families and individuals turn to UPLIN. However, concierge medical care does more than provide exceptional healthcare to single households. Here are some of the other ways UPLIN’s system can be applied:  Concierge Medicine for Corporations A massive challenge in today’s business world post-Covid navigating quality healthcare for […]

How UPLIN is Redefining Concierge Medical Care: a Q&A with Founder John Ricci

For many, the phrase “concierge medical care” doesn’t feel familiar or align with their experiences in the medical industry. However, UPLIN’s Founder John Ricci has a vision of making concierge medical care the premier healthcare experience. ‍Q: What would you say is the biggest problem facing Americans today regarding their healthcare? There’s no access to […]