Corporate Partnerships

Managing Your Care So You Can Manage Your Business

There is an art to employment matters — whether it is retaining your current executive members and staff or attracting new talent to the pool. When your corporate healthcare is powered by UPLIN, you’ll have an MD on-call to visit your employees and their families in the office or at home usually within 1 hour, 24/7.
“An Ounce of Proactive Wellness is Worth a Pound of Corporate Profits.” – John Ricci

Corporate Offerings

Corporate Partnerships

UPLIN is caring for your corporate health, one executive at a time – at the office, home office, or mobile office. In fact, every corporate client is assigned a Primary Care MD and a staff of Urgent Care MDs to provide highly individualized medical care tailored to each employee’s unique needs and preferences. Corporations now have 24/7/365 access to Concierge MDs for illnesses, injuries, wellness checks, and much more including in-home or office blood draws, IVs, X-rays, physical therapy, massage therapy, rapid labs, etc. Every corporate client also has a Care Navigator assigned to book all of your UPLIN medical services.

Executive Health

Receive medical care in the comfort of your own home or office ensuring privacy, reducing stress, and promoting a more relaxed environment for treatment for every executive and family member!

Corporate Health

A corporate relationship with UPLIN Health saves you time and money. A healthier workplace is a happier workplace! With their health handled, your employees can focus on work — leading to improved retention and better output. You can also use UPLIN as a recruitment perk and stand out from competitors by offering elite benefits that help elevate your brand image.

Unparalleled Benefits

The ability of a corporation to offer executives and employees (current and prospective) 24/7 access to an experienced MD is extraordinary business. That the UPLIN MD is also accessible to the spouses, partners, and children of the executives and employees is unparalleled business. The word is out about UPLIN Health … and the word about your corporation and how much it cares for its corporate families will too!

“UPLIN was there for our company, executives, and staff during the worst of COVID.  UPLIN is now our corporate concierge medical platform for everything from MD visits to IVs to X-rays to general advice over the phone. UPLIN is an amazing, convenient enterprise.”
– Anushka D
“The corporate partnership with UPLIN gives us great healthcare and peace of mind. The time/value proposition makes UPLIN a no-brainer. UPLIN was a great business decision.”
– Chelsea M

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