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With a new concept like UPLIN, there’s bound to be questions – and we’re here to give you answers.

What is UPLIN Health and How Does it Work?

UPLIN Health is the only House-Call-Only, MD-Only, 24/7/365 concierge medical platform.

A. Unparalleled Communication. You may call us at 844-698-7546 and a live professional will answer the phone to address your questions, book your visits (in about 2 minutes), and even (for Members) patch you through to the MDs any time of day or night: 24/7/365/NOW.

B. Unparalleled Convenience. Your top-class Medical Doctor (not a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) will arrive at your home, office, or hotel in about 1 hour ... or on your schedule ... 24/7/365/NOW. Your safe, comfortable space is the waiting room.

C. Unparalleled Care. All of the UPLIN MDs are physicians with 20+ years of medical experience caring for patients like you. Their bedside manners are impeccable. Whether for a sick visit or wellness visit, primary care or urgent care, the UPLIN MDs are dedicated to hearing your concerns; diagnosing conditions; treating those conditions; and otherwise providing you with the respectful and empathetic care that you deserve without watching the clock or treating you like a number.

How much does it cost to have an experienced MD come to my door?

A. The Transactional Model

The flat, transparent fee is $600 for an experienced MD to visit you, on-demand, any time of day or night. The fee includes a hands-on MD evaluation, e.g., vitals; on-site testing which may include Strep, COVID, Flu, Urinalysis, Mono, Blood Sugar, or Pregnancy; immediate treatment plans which may include Prescriptions & Injections (Steroid, Antibiotic, and/or Pain Management); and follow-up correspondence.  Additional fees may apply for ancillary services where, for example, the MD recommends and orders such convenient in-suite services as Blood Draw/Labs, X-Ray, Ultrasound, EKG, IV, etc. (but such ancillary fees rarely exceed $350).

This model may be best for someone who is new to or traveling in the area who is sick with no access to their primary doctor (or someone with no primary doctor at all). It may also be a cost effective and utterly convenient alternative to an urgent care center or emergency department, especially after most other doctors close their doors between 5:00 pm and 9:00 am, and are closed on weekends.

B. The Subscription Model

Annual Member agreements start at $3,000.00. Membership may be best for those who want a dedicated primary care physician with an unparalleled MD support team that provides 24/7/365/NOW accessibility and care in the comfort and convenience of their homes or offices. Certain memberships include, inter alia, several annual MD house calls … and anyone in your household may utilize and share the allotted services. Membership has some extraordinary benefits and privileges.

C. Insurance

UPLIN Health does not accept health insurance. The primary reason is that if you waited for an insurance company to approve a house call visit, you might wait weeks. In UPLIN’s view, the patient’s best interests are served when an MD knocks on your door in an hour or so. You may, of course, cover the cost of your UPLIN visit from your HSA/FSA account. You may also submit the receipt to your health insurance plan; however, coverage is subject to the terms of your health insurance plan and not guaranteed.

Who are the MDs?

Physicians on the UPLIN platform are licensed, trusted Medical Doctors who have been practicing medicine for at least 20 years.  Only MDs with top level bed side manners are chosen to associate with UPLIN Health. Whether you need immediate care on a transactional basis or you become a Member, your MDs will provide excellent, respectful care.  

As a Member, a best-in-class concierge MD will be assigned as your primary physician. To support your needs, an additional MD (or team of MDs) will be at the ready to care for you in conjunction with your primary physician.  UPLIN believes in strong communication; thus, UPLIN has built a proprietary electronic medical records system so that all of your medical records and care plans are easily accessible within the UPLIN Health infrastructure.

More questions? Call us at (844) 698-7546 or click here.

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