At UPLIN Health, we believe that excellent MDs and customer service are essential to an extraordinary healthcare experience. With that in mind, UPLIN Health provides patients with a one-of-a-kind healthcare experience with direct access to a highly collaborative enterprise of significance in medical care and services. Welcome to the UPLIN family!

What to Expect with an UPLIN Health Membership

With UPLIN Health you will receive:

Unparalleled Care
  • You’ll be assigned a Concierge Primary Care MD to quarterback your care.
  • You’ll also be assigned a team of supporting MDs to assist your Primary Care MD in managing your care.
  • When you’re sick, an MD will knock on your door to care for you, usually within an hour (or on your schedule) and that’s 24/7.
  • When you’re healthy, your Primary Care MD will keep tabs and maintain regular visits with preventive care in mind.
Unparalleled Convenience
  • You’ll be assigned a Care Manager to book all of your medical appointments: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Specialists, therapists, and even ancillary and diagnostic services like blood draws, IVs, and X-rays.
  • Virtually all of the medical services you might need will be performed in your safe, comfortable space at home.

Unparalleled Communication

  • You will have a private line to an Executive or an MD who is going to answer the phone when you call: 24/7/365.
  • You will have practically immediate access to an MD whether to discuss a concern or to invite the MD to visit in sickness or in health.
  • For every visit, you will know the MD’s estimated time of arrival.
  • The MDs will follow up with you after the visit to make sure you are on the right track.

Annual memberships start at $4,000 and include a bespoke number of house calls, ancillary services, and wellness visits. Our MDs want to provide comprehensive care that exceeds your expectations.

The UPLIN Experience is Extraordinary

UPLIN The Field
Personalized Care
Medical Physicians w/ 20+ Years of Experience Only
Primary Care House Calls Performed by MDs Only
Urgent Care House Calls Performed by MDs Only
Urgent Care House Calls Usually in 1hr – 24/7
Specialist House Calls Available
Integrative Medicine House Calls Available
Blood Draws at Your Home or Office
X-Rays at Your Home or Office
Ultrasounds at Your Home or Office
IVs at Your Home or Office
NO Waiting Rooms
NO Phone Prompts (A Professional Answers)

Become a Member

For immediate assistance, please contact us at 844-698-7546 or fill out the form below and an UPLIN Healthcare Advisor will be in touch shortly.
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Call us now 844-698-7546 and book an MD to your home or office.
For a limited time, the total cost of the MD visit for new patients will be $700. IF the MD orders an X-ray, IV, ultrasound, or even a basic blood draw to your home or office, one such service will be included in your $700 fee. What’s more, if you upgrade to a Membership within 7 days, we will apply your $700 fee to the Membership price as if you were a Member from the day you called!

UPLIN Health is Transparent, Peace of Mind.