House Calls

Doctor house calls are making a comeback. The onset of a global pandemic prompted healthcare providers around the world to adapt to the changing environment. In order to meet consumer demands while remaining as safe as possible, medical practices have implemented house calls instead of the typical in-person visits. These have proven to be an enterprising way of navigating the global pandemic.


In a world of immediate gratification, the modern-day doctor house call serves as a solution for impending medical issues. Research suggests there are many advantages to this type of appointment. They provide personalized and longer visits to patients, ensuring all of their needs are met.


In addition, patients receive help in the comfort of their own home – a priceless advantage that guarantees a safe visit. Those who are sick no longer need to leave their homes in order to obtain medical attention. With physician house calls, elderly patients receive medical help easier than visiting in-person offices. This simplifies their experience and ensures they maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Uplin, which connects patients to great doctors, advances this new style of medical practice with their personalized house calls at patients’ homes. Uplin offers a variety of services with their house calls, including symptom and injury visits, check-up/wellness visits, blood draws, infusion services, and STD visits. To request an appointment, download the Uplin app or call (844) MY-UPLIN.


When scheduling a house call, be sure to include your reason for a visit, your preferred date and time of appointment, and personal details. The Uplin team will confirm your house call appointment and your doctor will visit you during your respective time. Uplin’s innovative team provides a courteous and professional experience at your home.


As the world experiences rapid changes in the medical field, Uplin leads the way in doctor house calls. The rebirth of house calls has influenced an era of improved medical practices, with personalized and detailed house calls for patients. In fact, Uplin’s success implies house calls are the future of the medical world, shifting patient experience from an office to their own homes. The onset of house calls is a revelation in the medical world, and it is certainly here to stay.


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