How Concierge Medical Care Benefits the Whole Family

The state of medical care is, in general, a pretty big mess. Ever-changing health insurance policies and practices can mean someone’s doctor is suddenly no longer in their network. Health insurance remains predominantly tied to employment, adding stress for millions of employees in underperforming or underpaying jobs. On the medical front, overworked professionals across all levels of work are still fighting against post-COVID fatigue, staffing shortages, and an overrun medical system.

For families, medical care can be even trickier. From pediatrics to post-partum treatments, there are even more elements at play. Concierge medical care from UPLIN can help solve some of a family’s biggest headaches while providing them with unparalleled healthcare.

What is Concierge Medical Care

But first, what is concierge care? What does that “buzzword” even mean? Concierge medical care is a private pay practice model that sees patients pay a retainer fee upfront to have a doctor on call in case services are needed. (Other words you’ve likely seen floating around include boutique care, platinum practices, retainer-based medical, and similar names.)

At UPLIN, our concierge model is truly unique in what it promises families. Our services get applied to the entire family. This means our team of MDs is at your disposal should your family get sick or injured.

Concierge doctors or networks limit the size of their practices

Concierge doctors are typically much smaller than traditional primary care practices. For most primary care providers, the average patient range is anywhere from 1400-2500 patients. Concierge doctors carry a patient amount between 350-500 people. This drastically reduced network gives families a more personal relationship with the doctors who treat them. This can help everyone from children to grandparents feel comfortable with medical providers. As an added benefit, shorter wait times mean there’s less stress surrounding doctor’s visits (and less screaming and crying in waiting rooms).

Concierge networks have broader availability

One of the most frustrating parts of the current healthcare industry is the waiting game patients must play when trying to see a provider. Concierge networks offer several doctors who are available much faster than traditional practices. This slashes the wait times and extends the amount of time a doctor spends with their patient. The average primary visit is just 15 minutes. At UPLIN, doctors average an hour for both sick visits and wellness visits.

Concierge model still offers comprehensive services

UPLIN has a unique collaborative approach to care. Multiple doctors can work on any care for the patient. This gives us an edge in the concierge care field and against singular doctor concierge practitioners. On the whole, collaborative approaches lead to more knowledge and experience. It also means that a doctor, who is familiar with the patient, is always on call or coming to your home, office or location. Finally, when your concierge doctor retires, our collaborative approach allows for continued care with our team. You don’t have to start from scratch.

How to Know if Concierge Care is Right for Your Family

If you’re tired of a frustrating medical system, concierge care can be right for you. For families wanting to make sure everyone is taken care of, concierge care gives you peace of mind that everyone is handled. It’s for families who want a personal relationship with their doctor, and who want to feel heard and seen. Concierge care is for families who want their doctors to know and understand everyone.

That’s where UPLIN can come in. We provide our customers with exceptional healthcare via a remarkably convenient platform for patients who want a connection with their doctors. When they call, they get a professional who answers the phone and then immediately goes to work finding the assistance they need. In fact, it takes about two minutes to book a visit from one of our top-of-the-class physicians. To learn more, give us a call at 844-698-7546.