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We’re currently recruiting experienced family medicine and emergency medicine physicians with great bedside manners, as well as doctors in specific specialties in the following Florida areas: Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Orlando, and Naples.

Physicians on the Uplin platform enjoy complete scheduling flexibility, choosing shifts that work best for their particular circumstances. In addition, our doctors can deliver the in-depth, unhurried care that so many private practices and clinic environments don’t permit. And, of course, the Uplin platform offers doctors a lucrative source of income to augment or replace their current source of income.

Clinical Excellence With Compassionate Care


In addition to appropriate, evidence-based medical care, Uplin’s highly trained physicians provide a flawless patient experience to meet the needs of an exclusive community of patients – people who expect only the best. Therefore, we only allow doctors with demonstrated expertise as superior clinicians, expert diagnosticians, and compassionate providers on the Uplin platform.