Innovative Professionals At Work

Leadership Team

"We began with the simple question: 'What is in the Patient’s best interest?'

The short answer: ‘An experienced Doctor goes to the Patient, as soon as possible, no matter the hour. Full stop.'"


John J. Ricci


John J. Ricci is the co-founder of Uplin.  He has been in boardrooms as executive counsel for more than 20 years. He has developed, managed, and executed well-planned strategies involving multiple entities and entrepreneurial ventures including healthcare, media, and technology.


Alexander Krishtul, M.D.


Alexander Krishtul, M.D., is an experienced family medicine doctor and the co-founder of Uplin. He specializes in comprehensive primary and urgent care services for families and businesses.


Dr. Krishtul has extensive clinical and administrative experience as a concierge and house call doctor. Prior to founding Uplin, Dr. Krishtul was Regional Medical Director for Care Spot Express Healthcare, specializing in urgent care and occupational medicine. He has performed house calls throughout his more than 16 years in practice in NYC, and Uplin has allowed him to expand his belief in practicing exceptional, convenient, quality care.