Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

Once upon a time, the UPLIN MDs were kids playing doctor at their homes. Now they go to your homes to care for your kids. Life is funny that way. Rest assured, as family medicine practitioners, the physicians assigned to care for your children are highly experienced family Medical Doctors (and also parents themselves).

Here is a short list of kid concerns that can be handled by the UPLIN MDs in your homes:

  • Annual Well Physicals
  • Same-Day Sick Visits
  • Disease Screening
  • School/Sports Physicals
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Immunizations
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Diagnostic Testing

Here are some of the common issues that the UPLIN MDs may treat for your children:

Allergies, Anemia, Asthma, Bites, Chickenpox, Constipation, COVID-19, Croup, Diarrhea, Ear Infections, Eating Disorders, Eczema, Fever, Food Allergies, HFM (Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease), Immunizations, Influenza (Flu), Lice, Lyme Disease, Measles, Mononucleosis, Mouth Sores, Mumps, Parasites, Pertussis, Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis), Pinworms, Pneumonia, Rotavirus, RSV, Rubella, Salmonella, Sinusitis, Strep Throat, Stye, Thrush, Tonsilitis, UTI, Vomiting, and more.

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