How Concierge Medical Care Benefits More than Individuals and Families

When it comes to world-class concierge medical care, families and individuals turn to UPLIN. However, concierge medical care does more than provide exceptional healthcare to single households. Here are some of the other ways UPLIN’s system can be applied: 

Concierge Medicine for Corporations

A massive challenge in today’s business world post-Covid navigating quality healthcare for all employees. People are asking at a higher rate than before “Is my employer providing a safe environment for employees to return to the workplace?” They’re looking closely at healthcare coverage and being more discerning. 

UPLIN’s concierge medical care allows companies to address those healthcare questions with confidence. They can put together packages that attract talent by providing an elevated healthcare package. UPLIN’s unique service allows companies to draw excellent candidates by providing great benefits for those excellent candidates. It gives corporations the ability to stand out, by offering healthcare no one else on the market is offering. UPLIN fills a gap where every employee could have the benefit of having a doctor at home, office, hotel or wherever to be treated immediately.

This also gives employees peace of mind. They’re able to be treated wherever they are, in an environment where people feel safer — both in the workplace and at home. Additionally, they’re able to bypass the frustrating obstacles caused by insurance and get the treatment they need ASAP rather than fighting insurance claims in order to be seen. 

Fast-response house calls for hotels 

While vacations are respites for many, there aren’t guarantees that they’re perfect for everyone. Hotels have to be prepared for any and everything. That’s where UPLIN can come in. Hotels and resorts are able to offer exceptional medical care as part of their amenities rather than as an afterthought. Guests can feel more at ease knowing that, should something happen, their hotel can have a doctor guaranteed to see them in under an hour. 

Reliable on-site medical care for residences

From luxury residences to a community of homes, any sort of communal living could benefit from UPLIN’s concierge coverage. Main offices are able to sell their services while also providing the comfort of quasi in-house medical team to treat residents. 

For new buildings, there’s no better sales strategy. Offering concierge care to prospects is huge selling point alongside other amenities. Peace of mind for any new resident, especially for residences looking to attract older residents who might call a doctor more frequently than other demographics. 

‍UPLIN solved the no-access-to-great-healthcare problem by creating an easily accessible and remarkably convenient platform where a professional answers the phone when you call. In fact, it takes about two minutes to book a visit from one of our top-of-the-class physicians. To learn how UPLIN can reshape your business, give us a call at 844-698-7546.

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