UPLIN Health: Concierge Doctor House Calls in Boca Raton

UPLIN Health is a one-of-a-kind MD-only, House Call-only, Concierge Membership program that proudly serves Boca Raton and surrounding areas. As a Member, you will call a private number to an assigned Care Navigator to book your medical visits around your schedule. For wellness visits, your assigned Concierge Primary Care MD will visit you in your home or office for the ultimate convenience. For sick visits, an MD from your assigned on-call MD Urgent Care Team will visit you in your home or office (often within one hour) to care for you 24/7.

If your UPLIN MD recommends any ancillary, diagnostic, or therapeutic services such as blood draws/labs, X-rays, ultrasounds, IVs, EKGs, physical therapy, massage therapy, and so on, those services will also be delivered to your home or office on your schedule.

If your UPLIN MD recommends that you see a specialist (e.g. Dermatology, Cardiology, Podiatry, Psychology), your Care Navigator will book your specialist visit for seamless, collaborative care. In many cases, the specialist will even perform services in your home or office.

"UPLIN... optimizes health care access by putting the patient first."

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Why Choose UPLIN Concierge Medical Care in Boca Raton?

There are plenty of concierge doctors in the Boca Raton area that offer same day access to appointments in the doctors’ offices. They offer access. The catch is that you have to go to them.

UPLIN Health defines “concierge” differently. Through UPLIN, your access is immediate. Your dedicated Care Navigator is a call away to book your services; your MDs are on-call to you 24/7; and your MDs visit you in your space (home or office) on your schedule. Virtually every test or service that may be ordered will also be conducted in your home or office. You may never go to a doctor’s office again. That’s the UPLIN difference!

Comfort and Ease

An UPLIN Membership means that you will stop going to your doctor because your Primary Care MD and the supporting Urgent Care MD Team will go to you! No more waiting rooms. No more looking for parking spots. No more pulling a pen from the “clean pen” holder at the doctor’s office reception desk. Just stay at home and relax. Make a simple call to your assigned UPLIN Care Navigator, and the MD will visit and care for you in your space on your schedule. UPLIN Health is changing concierge medicine, one Member at a time.

Efficiency and Flexibility

The distance that you need to travel for an MD visit (sick or well), or a specialist visit, or an IV or massage or X-ray or physical therapy session, is to your front door. All UPLIN Members need to do is call the dedicated line to your assigned Care Navigator and schedule your MD or other MD-approved visit. It takes only a few minutes to book the services to your home or office. We built an incredible service with extraordinary care, convenience, and communication in mind.

Personalized Care, Trusted Professionals

Every MD on the Urgent Care MD Team at UPLIN has 20+ years of experience and great bedside manners. UPLIN Health has only trusted, experienced Concierge MDs for your primary and urgent care – not nurse practitioners or physician assistants. UPLIN Health is better than the old-fashioned doctor house calls you remember as a kid!

Invest in Your Health and Happiness

The time-value proposition was well-considered in the development of UPLIN Health as a medical services company. Your Membership investment is in your time and health, and often they are intertwined. That’s why we built UPLIN Health: to provide unparalleled access to virtually all of your medical needs in the comfort of your own space on your schedule starting with extraordinarily talented Primary Care MDs and a supporting Urgent Care MD Team. The access, talent, and care afforded to UPLIN Health Members is unmatched, and therein lies the opportunity for your better health and happiness.

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Join the growing number of Boca Raton residents who are Members of the UPLIN Health Concierge Medical program. The word is out: UPLIN Health has redefined concierge healthcare in the very best ways imaginable.

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