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With UPLIN, every single step in the physician-patient relationship — from booking to MD visit — is made with our patients in mind, our variety of Medical Services are meant to give users a premier concierge medical experience. Here are the main categories of services you can receive from UPLIN:

Sick Visits

The name says it all. Sick visits are for when you or a member of your family doesn’t feel well. With UPLIN, sick visits transform your couch into a waiting room. You don’t have to fight through traffic only to sit in a crowded urgent care office to be seen. UPLIN sick visits mean you get to see an MD within the comfort of your home.

Primary Visits
(aka Wellness Visits)

UPLIN elevates the annual wellness physical. Our proactive wellness visits include a comprehensive physical exam and medical assessment, and we don’t stop there. You’ll get comprehensive bloodwork and labs, an EKG, a body composition scan, a fitness analysis, and more.

Specialist Visits

Sometimes, you need a certain type of MD to help your specific needs. UPLIN offers specialists visits — including cardiology, podiatry, psychology, and more — to your door.

Ancillary Services

UPLIN offers a variety of services to support your overall health and wellness. These include ancillary services like blood draws, labwork, COVID testing, mobile x-rays, mobile ultrasounds, and EKGs. We also provide wellness IVs for when you feel dehydrated or need an infusion of supplemental nutrients.

How to Use Our UPLIN Platform

Discover Our UPLIN Payment Models

We offer two types of payment structures to meet your needs. We do not take traditional insurance. However, these model types have benefitted UPLIN users more effectively than their previous insurance policies:

Transactional Model

With the Transactional Model, you pay for what you need. Pay fees for services, including getting an MD to your door. You can still feel confident that you’re getting access to our physicians whenever you need them, 24/7/365.

Membership Model

If you’re looking to make UPLIN’s concierge services a regular part of your healthcare routine, consider an UPLIN membership. These memberships are bespoke; we give each member a certain number of primary care wellness visits, sick visits, and ancillary visits that meet their needs. With UPLIN Memberships, your whole household benefits! To learn more about our Memberships, visit our Membership page.

UPLIN for Pediatric Care

When your child is sick, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing help is coming to YOU. From sick visits to wellness visits, immunizations to consultations, UPLIN’s physicians can help the whole family stay healthy and happy.

To learn more about our Pediatric Care services, visit our Pediatrics page.

UPLIN for Corporate Accounts

UPLIN gives corporate teams the upper hand when it comes to attracting fresh team members and retaining current staff. Corporate healthcare powered by UPLIN means your business gets an experienced MD on-call to visit your employees and their families within the office or at their homes within an hour.

Learn more about how you can have UPLIN ready to support your team at our Corporate page.

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