Symptom Or Injury Visit
("Sick" Visit)

Of Visits

No matter what type of visit you require, your Uplin physician will deliver the care you need in the privacy of your home, office, hotel, or even on your private yacht or plane.

“Sick” Visit: $600

During Your Visit


  • Review of current symptoms and complaints

  • Intake of medical history

  • Check of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oxygen levels, temperature)

  • Complete physical exam

  • On-site tests, when required, including strep, flu, COVID-19, etc.

  • Rendering of diagnosis

  • Treatment plan to address diagnosed illness, condition, or injury

  • Blood draw at home and lab work when indicated

  • Prescribe medication as required*


After Your Visit

The following will be emailed to you:

  • Appointment summary

  • Test results

  • Copy of your treatment plan, if relevant

  • Documentation you may submit to your health insurance plan or apply toward your HSA/FSA

  • Chart summary for your primary care physician upon request


*Your Uplin physician will not prescribe narcotics