An Advanced System For Doctors & Patients

Technology Platform

Interested in joining Uplin?

We are currently recruiting physicians contact our co-founder Alexander Krishtul, M.D.

Uplin’s online platform considers the practical needs of our physicians and their patients. We developed our system from the ground up – along with the supporting analytics – to allow our doctors to seamlessly deliver care while meeting the complex requirements of modern, electronic medical records systems.

Streamlined Access For Better Outcomes


We built the Uplin platform not only to meet administrative requirements, but to enhance patient care. For example, physicians who work with Uplin have easy, real-time access to clinical data, reports, blood work, and imaging, in addition to business management tools such as scheduling (patients and doctors), patient communication tools, proprietary EMR systems, dedicated physician app platforms, MyUplin patient app platforms, admin app platforms, analytics and metrics, operations management, inventory tools, live phone services, ePrescription, and other services tools for cost-effective operations.

Whether you work with an existing Uplin practice, or you launch your business on Uplin in another market area, our platform includes the following:

  • Real-time updates

  • Financial and administrative tools

  • Interoperability with hospital-based and private practice EMRs

  • Integration with third-party labs and mobile diagnostic devices

  • Practice management solutions

  • Recruitment