Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Medical Check-Ups

Annual check-ups are great to have. Routine visits can lead to better detection and treatment of chronic illnesses, improve vaccinations and screenings for diseases like cancer, and boost how a patient feels overall in their lives. However, not everyone finds them necessary. Here are a few reasons the general public can benefit from those annual check-ups. 

Patients benefit from a good rapport with their doctor

When patients visit doctors at least once a year, they are more likely to get to know their doctor and feel comfortable in their presence. This yearly visit also allows doctors to better remember patients and their needs more easily. 

The UPLIN doctors love seeing patients for their annual physicals because they can spend time catching up with them. This also gives our doctors the opportunity to discuss patients’ expectations for their personal health. A study from Northwestern University showed that people who have a better relationship with their doctors tend to be healthier overall. 

Sick visits don’t allow for all the necessary screenings

Coming in only when you’re sick limits the window to what medical issues are discussed. The focus is on treatment rather than addressing the patient as a whole. During an annual physical, offices do a number of tests that are necessary to help us get a picture of a patient’s overall health, including tests for blood pressure, heart rate, and organs. Getting this simple checkup can be a good way of knowing where you stand, if for nothing more than your peace of mind.

Patients walk away feeling better about their health

Low-stress patient-doctor interactions do a great job of empowering patients to feel better about their health. This can be especially true for higher-risk patients. By committing to annual check-ups, patients can see that they’re often doing better than they realize! 

Patients also often feel more in control of how they’re feeling. Physicians often stress the importance of “patient-reported outcomes” as a measure of someone’s health. By improving the dialogue between patient and doctor through check-ups, patients are more aware of their health. 

Why patients are tempted to skip their check-ups

A huge barrier to medical care like checkups is the booking and insurance headaches that come along with them. The onus is on the patient to schedule the check-up with their doctor’s office, often months ahead of time. 

Patients might also feel like checkups don’t bridge the gap between them and their doctor. Sometimes patients can go to a doctor’s practice for years and only see them sparsely during that time. 

At UPLIN, our concierge care model takes away these barriers. We’ve solved the no-access-to-great-healthcare problem by creating an easily accessible and remarkably convenient platform for patients where a professional answers the phone when you call. In fact, it takes about two minutes to book a visit from one of our top-of-the-class physicians. To learn how UPLIN can transform your relationship with medical professionals, give us a call at 844-698-7546.